BDJI was conceived before I was a glimmer in my father’s eye. Jewelry is in my genetics.  I was born a jeweler’s daughter. I literally grew up in Boston’s famous Jewelers Exchange Building, helping my father and family after school and on weekends.

My dad in his Boston store

My father, a jewelry designer and craftsman, came to the United States from Athens, Greece where he acquired his classical sense, technical skills, and artistic vision. From him, I learned about both the art and craft of fine jewelry.

As an adult, working as a professional singer and in the business and marketing world, I’ve had the opportunity to travel internationally. Wherever I go — Greece Turkey, France,
Italy, India — I naturally gravitate toward jewelry designers, fascinating fine artists and gifted craftspeople. It’s my great pleasure to share their masterful creations with you here.

Each piece of jewelry I present has its own unique and extraordinary story. Just like the unique and extraordinary women and men who wear them.




christine lucas jewelry design

My dad, Constantine, in South America.

Me “helping out” at his jeweler’s bench