August Birthstone: Peridot


August Birthstone: Peridot is not the first official gemstone of August, as the original gem for August was Sardonyx. When Peridot was added, its beauty and allure made it August's primary birthstone.

The origin of the name "Peridot" is unclear, although scholars believe it is derived from the Arabic word for gem, "faridat". Others believe it is derived from the Greek word "Peridona", which means "giving plenty". This may be why peridot is associated with prosperity and good fortune.

Peridot is the gem-quality of the mineral olivine, which forms in the earth's mantle, rising to the surface through volcanoes, manifesting itself in meteorites.

The signature color of peridot comes from the mineral's composition, not from trace impurities like many other gems, explaining why it basically comes in one color. If the amount of iron is elevated or decreased, peridot can appear a yellowish-green, to olive, to brownish-green hue.

Peridot mainly comes from Arizona, more specifically the San Carlos Reservation, on which the Apache tribe dwells.

Because of an estimated 80-95% of the world's supply of peridot being mined on this Reservation, people born in August find affordable options to wear their stunning and unique green birthstone.

The gem is also mined in Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico. Internationally, peridot is found in Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Peridot Has a Worldwide History

Peridot jewelry can be traced back to 1000 B.C. During this time, ancient Egyptians called this stone "gem of the sun", believing it would protect them from terrors of the night. Egyptian priests claimed the peridot harnessed the power of nature and implanted it in goblets to communicate with their gods of nature.  In Egypt, peridot was found on the volcanic island of Topazios.

Cleopatra was known for her fascination with gemstones. When visiting nobility left, Cleopatra gifted them large Emeralds with an image of herself carved into them, or what she thought were Emeralds...

Many historians believe Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection may have actually been peridot!

Through the medieval era, people continued to confuse emeralds and peridot.

This gemstone saw a revival in the 1990s when new deposits were discovered in Pakistan, producing some of the finest peridots ever found. Some of these “Kashmir peridots” measured more than 100 carats.

Peridot in the 21st Century

In Hawaii, peridot symbolizes the volcano goddess Pele, who is said to control the flow of lava.

Peridot only measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, meaning when raw, it's prone to cracking during cutting. When finished, the gemstone is robust and easy to wear and care for.

The peridot is known as "the Evening Emerald" according to the American Gem Society, because the sparkling hue of the gem illuminates an outfit any time of the day, including nighttime, respectively.

Peridot is said to carry healing properties that protect against evil and nightmares, bringing peace and happiness to those who wear it. Under this belief, babies born in August are guarded by the good fortune of the peridot.

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Fine vs. Fashion Jewelry

Everyone has different tastes in jewelry. Some like gold, some like silver; some like sapphires and some like diamonds--but something we can all agree on is the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

It boils down to the materials of the actual pieces of jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is made of precious alloy metals and set with precious or semi-precious pearls and gemstones. The metals used to craft fine jewelry are platinum, various golds (white, yellow, rose), and sterling silver. Gems used in the creation of fine jewelry are: sapphire, ruby, chalcedony, diamond, topaz, aquamarine and many more. Vermeil and gold-filled jewelry are also considered fine.

Fine jewelry is meant to last decades, even centuries. Many pieces of fine jewelry become heirlooms. It never goes out of style.

Fine jewelry never tarnishes and it can be repaired, resized, or reworked by skilled jewelers.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can be found in nearly every woman's jewelry box. It can be beautiful and even appear top quality--but it should never be mistaken for fine jewelry. Designers create fashion pieces that follow current trends. It is always meant to be worn as an accessory and you will find the pieces will go out of style, unlike fine jewelry. But, you can still make a big statement with a small price!

It is not crafted with precious metals, unless there is plating over the base metal. Many of the metals used in fashion jewelry are stainless steel, titanium, nickel, copper, brass, and tungsten. Fashion jewelry does not contain any precious or semi-precious gemstones. Gems included in the production of fashion jewelry are crystal, hematite, tiger eye, amber, cubic zirconia, quartz, and more. When it comes to fashion pearls, they are always faux or simulated; such glass pearls. They can still be stunning or even look real, but sometimes the quality is not there and they don't last as long as fine jewelry.

Let's look at an example:


This Oval Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring with Pear Diamonds is offered at heirloom quality on the Angara website. It retails for $11,559. The intricacy and detail of this ring can only be achieved by the finest alloids and gemstones. This piece is ready to be passed down generations.

This Sterling Silver Round Swarovski Austrian Crystal Birthstone Ring is sterling silver with a high polish finish, encompassing a cubic zirconia stone. It retails for $72. This ring is a great choice for those who want a less expensive, yet finished look. With its simple design and silver plating, this ring completes many outfits without breaking the bank.

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The world is your jewelry.