Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Jewels

Queen Elizabeth has one of the most extensive jewelry collections in England, but she still believes in attractive basics for her style. She has been passing on her style to the family, just as previous royalty has done to her. Queen Elizabeth wears a pair of pearl and diamond earrings she inherited from Queen Mary, which Queen Mary first received as a wedding gift in 1893. Here, she is seen wearing her pearl and diamond earrings along with her triple strand pearl necklace. Her brooch originally belonged to Queen Victoria, and dates back to the 19th century. Pearls are a staple in her jewelry ensemble, and she is never seen without her pearls at daytime events.

According to The Adventurine, Meghan Markle wore pearls to her first official solo outing, gifted to her by Queen Elizabeth. Markle's pair was strikingly similar to the monarch's--just smaller. The diamond and pearl earrings aligned perfectly with Markle's polished style and custom Givenchy dress.


Kate wore the same pearls as Markle when she gave birth to Prince Louis. The pearls signified the commemoration to the royal family and England on the day Prince Louis entered the world. The pearls are strikingly similar to Queen Mary’s Button Earrings (shown below), which are natural pearls that precede the introduction of cultured pearls. Since Kate has gained a deeper understanding of the royal family history, her jewelry collection has become more elegant and representative of her status as royalty.



The jewels are a thread line through the generations of the Majesties. The everlasting jewels are not simply daily accessories and embellishments, they are heirlooms that represent the history of the British Royal Family. The Queen’s vast assortment of jewels comes from those who reigned before her, and are also known as a collection that Princess Diana, for example, wore in great style.


The tiara worn by Meghan Markle at her wedding is another piece of jewelry that resides in the royal family estate.


The bandeau was originally created for Queen Mary, and the brooch was designed and given to Princess Mary in 1893 by the County of Lincoln as a gift for her wedding to  Prince George, Duke of York. In 1953, both the brooch and the bandeau were willed by Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Mary’s sentiment reflects how jewelry is a part of representing the royal family, and how this representation of the royal family is deeply rooted in their history.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Historical Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Historical Royal Wedding

Saturday, May 19, 2018. Coverage begins at 5:00AM ET, with the ceremony beginning just an hour later for our viewing pleasure. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will captivate the world with the beauty and elegance as they join together in matrimony.  Find out more information, go to link http://press.foxnews.com/2018/05/fox-news-channel-to-present-live-special-coverage-of-the-royal-wedding-on-saturday-may-19th/









Meghan Markle has a vast collection of rings,

Her personal favorites area stackables. In the photo shown below, beginning with the index finger, she is wearing:  a lovely Catbird Threadbare ring ($44), an exquisite Birks Rose Gold Diamond Snowflake Ring ($4,995), an alluring Birks Iconic.  Stackable Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring ($1,495) and a graceful Missoma Round Pave Interstellar Ring in gold vermeil ($61).

 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shared Relate bracelets (shown below)

Prince Harry and Meghan share Relate bracelets which are charming and simple aesthetically.  These bracelets are embedded into the wedding.  Their bracelets hinted at what was to transpire for these two. Who knew these South African Relate Bracelets would pave the way for England to welcome their newest princess? In the last three years, the Relate cause has raised millions of dollars for health, conservation, and women and children’s empowerment in Africa.  Find out more on Relate Bracelets, go to:  https://www.friendlyplanet.com/philanthropy/relate-south-africa.html The bracelets help empower women to further education. 

Absolutely must-have at any Royal wedding is a Tiara

The tiara to be adorned upon the Royal lady’s head. Markle has a vast array of tiaras to choose from, stay tuned to Boston Designer Jewelry Imports Blog to see which tiara she wears as she walks down the aisle to begin her life journey with Prince Harry. Below are a few of her luxurious choices and to explore a variety more along with its history, go to link attached http://time.com/5237031/meghan-markle-tiara/ 

So, which commemorative tiara will Markle wear as the historical wedding proceeds?

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